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18 Month Warranty

Home Warranty

For a 12 Month Price !

18 Home Warranty

18 Month Home Warranty

With Residential Warranty Services, you are simply covered.


Your dishwasher won’t run. Your heat won’t come on. The cost of home repair these days can be intimidating to any homeowner- especially first-time homeowners. We offer protection from these issues through an 18 month home warranty coverage.

Your home warranty company will give guidance on any number of home issues. For instance, a few roof shingles blow off in high winds. A pipe on an exterior wall freezes occasionally. The crawl space is damp. While these issues are not covered by any type of extended home warranty, these are all issues that can be solved for minimal to no cost at all. Help is just a phone call away!

For the hundreds of other possibilities that are covered by the home warranty, a representative will go through a few simple questions and procedures to help us identify the problem with a service technician, and follow through on ensuring the proper fix is performed. With most claims, a technician visit occurs within 24 hours, and the problem is solved on the first visit. Some claims require parts that may be ordered or in stock locally. Either way, the cost to the homeowner is often the low deductible. Additional charges would apply for after hours service calls and obsolete parts. See policy for a complete list of covered components and limitations.

Nearly 80% of all policyholders that make a claim in their first year renew their policy. They see the financial benefit to being a part of a group of thousands and thousands of homeowners that can negotiate better rates of service than any single homeowner. Most policyholders save more than their policy premium each and every year when you compare their overall cost with retail contractor rates.

18 Month Home Warranty


Sellers benefit from home warranties each and every day. One thing that is a guarantee in any home- all motors will eventually go out. Every appliance will malfunction eventually. Sometimes eventually is right after closing, and as is often the case, the buyer looks to the seller to fix the problem they feel is the seller’s responsibility.

With a home warranty, this can be avoided. The date on which the problem occurred is the primary factor in determining coverage, and for the great many of situations similar to this, the malfunction occurred shortly after closing. A buyer is much more likely to call their home warranty company when they experience a problem than call on the seller to fix it. This gives the buyer the chance to hear from a qualified professional contractor what the problem is and how it happened.

By offering a home warranty with every transaction, you are providing a proven marketing tool that can contribute to a safe and successful sale in many ways: Some home warranties suggest that homes with warranties sell 50% faster and they sell for up to 3% more, because buyers feel they have made a safer investment. While we here at Residential Warranty Services find these numbers to be on the high side, we know from experience that a home warranty can reduce the seller’s liability for problems with the home that occur after the sale.

How Does The 18 Month Home Warranty Work?

  1. Have HelloPro Home Inspections complete your home inspection.
  2. Request the 18 Month Home Warranty from Residential Warranty Services (best coverage available on the market today).
  3. At the time of purchase, 6 FREE months will be added to the warranty term just because the home was inspected by Us= 18 Month Home Warranty for the price of 12!
  4. *If We do not inspect the home, a 12 Month Home Warranty is still available to you.
The 18 Month Warranty has the absolute broadest coverage for the longest term on the market today and is the least expensive warranty option on a per month basis. Get the best home warranty available and request the 18 Month Warranty for your real estate transaction.

More Reasons to Choose The
18 Month Home Warranty

Order your Simple
18 Month Home Warranty today!

18 Month Home Warranty Order Instructions

Please Make Sure You Read All Information Below Prior To Clicking On The Order Button. Once You Are On The Order Form, You Will Have To Start Over If You Click “Back” To Review This Information.

**IMPORTANT NOTE: Only homes inspected by HelloPro Home Inspections qualify for the 18 Month Warranty with the free 6 months of extra coverage.  All other homes can only qualify for the 12 Month Home Warranty.

Optional Coverage Items That Can Be Added To The Warranty:

Service Call Fee Option: All home warranties have a service call fee or “deductible”. You can choose whether you would prefer a $99 service call fee or $75 service call fee. The price of the warranty increases $75 for the reduced service call fee. This is a $75 one-time increase in the initial cost with a $75 reduced service call fee for the duration of the warranty (no matter how many claims!).

Mold Option: This option includes visible mold growth coverage and will cover the remediation of any new visible mold up to $2000. This option adds $85 to the initial cost of the warranty.

Pool and Spa Coverage: This option covers the mechanical components of in-ground pools and spas.  This option adds $185 to the initial cost of the warranty.

Septic Tank Pumping Coverage:  This option covers one septic tank pumping in case of failure due to a full septic tank. This option adds $45 to the initial cost of the warranty.

18 Month Warranty Pricing – Pricing Is The Same For The 12 Month And 18 Month Warranty**

*Sq Ft must include basement (even if unfinished)

*Condos and Townhomes – reduce fee by $20

**HelloPro Home Inspections must complete a Plus Package home inspection in order for the property to qualify for the 18-Month Warranty.

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