Annual Home Maintenance Inspections


As homeowners, home condition is always at the forefront of our minds. Not only do we want to protect one of the most significant investments we make in a lifetime, but we also want the space to be safe for the entire family. There comes a time, after being in a home for several years, when we start wondering about the health of our home.

Does that crack in the foundation mean there is a bigger problem? What about those shingles I saw flapping in the wind the other day? I know I heard something in that attic of ours, but do I really want to know what it is?

One way to solve all the mysteries is to get a home maintenance inspection. These are not just a good idea for peace of mind, they can be helpful if you’re planning to sell your home in the near future. This kind of inspection will allow you to make some repairs or adjustments before the home hits the market.

Defining  Home Maintenance Inspection 

This type of inspection is done, similar to the one you likely had done when you bought the home. This is an investigation to look for issues that you might not even know are a problem yet. Many people look at these inspections as preventative insurance to catch problems before they become something more costly or significant.

An Inspector will look for wear and tear, cracking and leaks, appliance and mechanical issues, and so much more. This will give you a chance to ask more questions about some of the unknowns or get some confidence around how your home is withstanding the test of time.

  • You’ll Get recommendations on how to care for specific elements in the home.

  • You’ll get an unbiased opinion, rather than relying on a contractor quoting you for work you may not really need.

  • An inspection like this will give you the whole look at your home in a report, rather than one company looking at one line item at a time.

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