5 Year Platinum Roof Protection



  • Our Platinum roof Protection covers you for 5 years after the inspection against new leaks.
  • This warranty is also transferred to new buyers if the house is sold within that time!
  • $3,000 in Coverage Warranty | $500 Deductible
  • Your peace of Mind!

With Residential Warranty Services, you are simply covered.

HelloPro Home Inspections provides you with the best inspections along with the gold standard of warranty protections.  We’re proud to introduce the 5 Year Platinum Roof Protection Plan from Residential Warranty Services, Inc. 

HelloPro Home Inspections will provide a 5 Year Leak Repair Coverage policy with the HelloPro PLUS Package. This plan covers roof leaks that arise following your full home inspection.  The 5 Year Platinum Roof Warranty is valid for 5 years from the date of the full home inspection. 

Buy with confidence and be worry free knowing that every PLUS package home inspection we perform comes with a 5 Year Roof Leak Protection Plan that covers the necessary repair for any new leak in your home’s roof system.  

Your roof leak repairs are covered for the next five years, up to $3,000!  

The Platinum Roof Protection Plan covers all types of residential roofing and is fully transferable. Of all your home’s components, your roof is essential to ensuring your home stays in good condition. 

To make a claim the home buyer would get a repair estimate from a licensed contractor that has the cause of failure stated as well as parts and labor broken down and submit the claim online here. 

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