MoldSafe Protection Plan


When you order the PLUS Package from HelloPro Home Inspections, you’ll receive an extra level of protection for your home with MoldSafe 

Mold can be found in any home across the country. Potential health problems associated with mold exposures include allergic reactions, asthma, and other respiratory complaints.  Molds can be found almost anywhere; they can grow on virtually any substance, providing moisture is present. 

With HelloPro Home Inspections, LLC. you’re simply covered.

Our inspectors perform a visual inspection of accessible areas in your home to protect your family from the potential health hazards of mold on every inspection. And with our PLUS Package, we help provide peace of mind by backing up each inspection with the MoldSafe Warranty.

MoldSafe covers mold remediation for new visible mold following your full home inspection. If visible mold is found in your home that was not present at the time of inspection, you’re covered for remediation up to $2000.

Your MoldSafe policy is valid for 90 days following the home inspection or 22 days from closing, whichever comes later.

To make a claim the home buyer would get a repair estimate from a licensed contractor that has the cause of failure stated as well as parts and labor broken down and submit the claim online here.

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