Phase 2 Pre-Drywall Inspections

What’s The Purpose of a Pre-Drywall Inspection?

Just BEFORE drywall and insulation are installed is when our second phase of the new construction process should be done.

Our primary concern when performing a Phase 2 Pre-Drywall Inspection for our clients is to ensure the work conducted is in accordance with installation protocols and Standards of Practice.

The purpose of the Phase 2 Pre-Drywall Inspection is to identify defective or sub-standard installation practices BEFORE the installation of the exterior cladding, interior insulation, and drywall occurs. Once those materials cover the interior & exterior of the home, the opportunity for the Phase 2 Pre-Drywall Inspection is gone! You do not want HelloPro to miss this phase inspection!

The pre-drywall home inspection is a essential third party assessment that helps ensure there are no major defects with some of the soon to be “covered” systems and components that were installed during the construction of your home.

There are multiple systems, including the wood-frame structure, window installation and water-resistive barrier; the exterior house-wrap or paneling installed to provide the critical water-shedding layer.

Each of these core systems provide a significant role in the long-term performance of your home. When these core systems are improperly installed it can lead to substantial mid to long-term failure, costing new homeowners thousands of dollars in repairs.

The Primary Systems Inspected During a Phase 2 Pre-Drywall Inspection Include:

  • The wood frame construction installation methods from the foundation to the peak of the roof.

  • The roofline to water-resistive barrier interface.

  • The window installation and flashing methods.

  • The configuration of the thermal envelope and interior air-barrier.

  • Fire-blocking protection.

  • Electrical, mechanical, and plumbing rough-in installations.

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