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Pool & Spa Inspections

A pool can be a magnificent addition to a house.  Many hours are spent with family and friends in a pool.  But just like a house, a poorly maintained or old pool can end up being a nightmare rather than a part of your dream home. 

If the house you’re interested in purchasing has a pool, get a great value with your home inspection by adding our Pool Inspection.  Allow HelloPro Home Inspections to identify problems of poorly maintained pools that can be costly to restore or repair later on. 

Our pool and spa inspections are detailed, but not exhaustive. Pool & Spa Inspections protect your investment whether it’s an in-ground or above-ground swimming pool, spa or hot tub season after season.

Whether you’re about to purchase a new property or already have a pool of your own, getting regular pool and spa inspections can save you time, money and headaches later on. 


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Frequently Asked Questions

Trained InterNACHI Certified inspectors examine your pool and spa in two parts: visually and mechanically. The visual pool and spa inspection includes looking over pool equipment, electrical supply (including pool lighting) and any safety issues immediately surrounding the pool and pool deck. The mechanical pool and spa inspection monitors most important equipment as it runs.

Other common components of a pool and spa inspection include:

  • Skimmer
  • Filter
  • Permanently installed pool covers.
  • Heater (Note: If the pool heater is a gas unit, it will not be tested if the pilot light is not lit.)
  • Venting
  • Pressure gauge
  • Supply lines
  • Blower
  • Time-based controls
  • Evidence of corrosion in saltwater pools
  • Anti-drowning safety measures 

While a pool, spa or hot tub can be an enjoyable luxury that brings value to your home, it can also become an ongoing money pit costing you a lot if issues are left unchecked.

Keeping a committed routine maintenance and inspection schedule will go a long way in keeping your pool or spa in top condition. Appropriately applying chemical treatments to safely operating heating and electrical systems, there are a lot of moving parts that work together for your swimming pool or hot tub. It’s important to hire a professional for regular inspections to help prevent — or identify – problems before they become a costly issue.

And if you’re purchasing a new home or an older property with a pool, it pays to understand what you’re getting into before you get to closing. Some issues may only be minor, while other issues can be significant and cost you far more than you ever anticipated. Trust a trained inspector before negotiating the final terms of the sale.

HelloPro inspectors often discover one or more of the following:

  • Dirty filters.
  • Equipment leaks.
  • Unveil water levels indicating geological issues.
  • No anti-vortex drain covers.
  • Damaged or missing lights.
  • Bad or missing (GFCIs) ground-fault circuit interrupters.
  • Improperly installed junction boxes or old-style junction boxes.
  • Deteriorated or damaged heaters.
  • Improperly vented heaters.
  • Deteriorated or damaged shell or plaster.
  • Improperly bonded metal around the pool.
  • Non-compliance with pool and spa anti-drowning safety features.

By working with a certified pool inspector, issues like these won’t come as a surprise down the road.

  • Any test that requires draining pool.
  • Concealed Items (ex. Rebar, underground plumbing).
  • Pool body and decorative components such as tile, paint, and special coatings.
  • All underground piping and electrical, and leak detection of non-visible plumbing.
  • Chemical and water treatment systems, including the chemical conditions of the water in the pool/spa.
  • Sizing, adequacy of pool equipment.
  • Projections of life expectancy or future performance of any equipment, system, structure or component.
  • Determining compliance with installation guidelines, regulations, covenants, or other restrictions, including:
    • The issuance of permits.
    • Adequacy of solar panels or the mounting thereof.
    • All Diving boards and/or slides.
    • Programming computerized control systems.
    • Manual operation of valves.

All other Limitations, Exceptions, Exclusions as set forth in the Standard Pool Inspection Agreement. 

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Swimming pools and spas are heavy on the fun, but with that fun comes additional maintenance and potential hazards to consider. By opting for a swimming pool inspection, you’re making maintenance, repairs and safety a priority.

The More Thorough We Are, The More Defects We Find…
The More Money You Save!

A Participating InterNACHI® Certified Inspector


HelloPro Home Inspections, LLC. is a participating InterNACHI® Certified Inspector.  If a HelloPro Inspector misses anything on your inspection, InterNACHI® will buy your home back!  It is through our affiliation with InterNACHI® that we are proud to include a Home Buy-Back Guarantee with every Standard and PLUS Package Inspection we do; not all InterNACHI® Certified Inspectors participate in this program.

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MOLD Information

Epidemiological studies in the U.S. and Europe have associated mold sensitivity with the development, persistence, and severity of asthma. Exposure to mold and the mycotoxins or toxins they produce can be absorbed through the skin, GI tract, or by inhalation of fungal parts. Suppression of the immune system by exposure to these types of pollutants has been linked to chronic diseases, even cancer.

Mold exposure can be harmful to your health. People with weak immune systems from diseases such as HIV infection, patients taking chemotherapy, people with existing lung disease, and those who have had an organ transplant are more susceptible to infections from mold and can have a severe reaction. 

The increasing awareness of mold problems in indoor environments has created high demand for mold investigation and inspection services. Fluctuations in air quality often go undetected until toxins accumulate to dangerous levels in an environment. Monitoring and promptly addressing air quality concerns before problems arise is essential to the health of your home, business, clients, and employees.

Sample analysis of your indoor space for air quality monitoring and fungal-related toxicity concentration including black mold is our specialty. 

Have peace of mind with our Lab Certified, Professional Results, and Detailed Report! 


Sewage Screening

Bacteria are microscopic organisms not visible to the naked eye. These tiny organisms are everywhere, both inside and outside of your body. They survive in a variety of environments and while some are necessary for life others can make you extremely sick. At Microbial Express Labs we offer a complete testing service that not only detects the presence or absence of sewage-related bacteria, we also quickly identify and enumerate them. 

Coliform bacteria are natural inhabitants of the environment and the intestinal tract of warm-blooded animals. It is their presence in drinking water that indicates that disease-causing organisms (pathogens) could be in the water system. A Total Coliform test is used as an overall indication of sanitation efficiency. The presence of total coliform, by itself, does not imply that the resource is contaminated, but it can reveal that one, if not more of the more serious types of harmful bacteria, such as fecal or E. coli bacteria, may be present. 

Escherichia coli (E. coli) is the major species in the fecal coliform (FC) group and is the best indicator of fecal pollution and the possible presence of pathogens or disease-causing organisms. 

E. coli bacteria are found in greater quantities than Total Coliform in animal fecal matter. Our Total Coliform test detects the presence of Total Coliform and E. coli. If E. coli is detected along with Total Coliform in drinking water, there is strong evidence that sewage is present. As a result, a greater potential for pathogenic organisms to exist. 

At Microbial Express Labs we offer a second layer to this test. In addition to the traditional test mentioned above, our Complete Fecal Coliform test adds the detection of Enerococcus faecalis. E. Faecalis  is also a fecal indicator organism and one of the various microorganisms used a positive control in the examination of water for human consumption. E. faecalis is a very stable bacterium. Its ability to survive in harsh conditions is greater than that of E. coli and in recent years there has been an increase in its resistance to many once used antibiotics. 

 A positive test implies a risk that pathogenic species may be present. Testing for bacteria is the only reliable way to know if your water is safe. You cannot determine the presence of disease-causing organisms by look, taste, or smell. 

It is recommended that well owners test their water for coliform bacteria at least once a year and more frequently if bacteria have been a problem in the past. Our trusted labs not only provide the detection of but also will enumerate the number of Coliforms/​Escherichia coli​ (​E. coli​), and Enterococcus faecalis bacteria. We provide fast, accurate results you can trust!

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