Pre-Listing Home Inspections

Why Pre-Listing Inspections Make Sense

Typically, it’s the buyer who retains a home inspector to represent them and their best interest with a home inspection.

Consider this…  When you place your house on the market, offers are made and accepted and then the buyer wants a home inspection completed BEFORE closing the deal.  The home inspection is done by an unbiased 3rd party inspector, whose job is to inspect by a state specific Standards of Practice and when deficiencies are discovered, those deficiencies become a tool of negotiation for the buyer.

This typical process causes real estate transactions to be negotiated twice, once for the price of the house and then once for the repairs.  When buyers and sellers are blindsided by the unexpected cost of unforeseen deficiencies, it will always cost both parties more money.

As the seller, if you name your price and opt to sell your home “AS IS,” a smart buyer is still going to want the home inspected to decide whether or not they want to buy those “problems.”  Then you’re right back to the negotiating table, accepting less than what you really wanted; because now… the unexpected deficiencies of the home have been revealed.  Unfortunately, if you’re not willing to lower the price or repair the deficiencies, you may lose that sale to the first buyer and now you know the next buyer is also going to want the home inspected.  So, you compensate by dropping the price of your home even lower.  If you try to stipulate the “AS IS” sale of the home with no home inspection, buyers feel like you’re trying hide something and they just drive on down the road to find the next house.

Which Problems Do You Want to Sell? 

Which problems do you want to sell?  The ones you know about on the front end or the ones that surprise you after the fact?  Being unaware of the problems within your home can prevent you from selling your home.

When you’re unaware of problems that can be discovered in a home inspection, it may cause you to lose the sale of your home or take a considerable price decrease.

Before you put your house on the market, be informed of any unforeseen significant issues that may affect the sale of your home.  A Pre-Listing Inspection allows you time to find and hire contractors you know and trust. Finding out the deficiencies after you’re under contract places time restrictions on you, which will cost you more money.

If you’d like to know more about our inspection process or any of our other services or included warranties, we’re happy to answer all of your questions.

  • Full Home Inspection completed by one of our State Certified Inspectors.
  • Sprinkler & Irrigation Inspection ($25 Value)
  • Get a CL100 Termite Inspection provided by our Exclusive Rate Provider at a cost of only $100.

Please take a look at our pricing page for Pre-Listing Home Inspection listed under “OTHER HOME INSPECTION SERVICES.”

Realtors say pre-inspected homes have more showings which lead to higher sales prices and faster closings.

What Are The Benefits to Home Sellers Getting A Pre-Listing Inspection?

  • Sellers feel confident to accept an offer knowing their home is in excellent condition.

  • Sellers who get a Pre-Listing Home Inspection, are in control of the negotiations.

  • Sellers who get a Pre-Listing Home Inspection are not caught off guard and know the cost of repairs prior to listing the home.

  • Sellers who know their repair cost can build those into the price of the home.

  • Sellers have time to find the right contractors for the right price to make repairs or make the repairs themselves before an offer is made on the home.

  • Sellers don’t have to worry about losing the offer on the home or making more mortgage payments.

  • Sellers who get Pre-Listing Inspections are fully disclosing the condition of the house in writing and are more legally protected.

  • Sellers are in control of streamlining the negotiating process by informing the buyer with a Pre-Listing Inspection report as to what repairs were made or will be made prior to listing the house.

  • Sellers can offer their Pre-Listing Inspection report online for sale or include it in the price of the home to recoup money spent for the inspection.

  • Sellers may have an opportunity to accept offers from National companies specifically seeking pre-inspected listings.

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