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Thermal Imaging Inspection Near Greenville
Thermal Imaging Inspection Near Greenville

Thermal Imaging Inspection Near Greenville, SC

Whole House Thermal Imaging Inspections

Professional Thermal Imaging Inspection near Greenville, SC utilizes technology to scan every wall, floor and ceiling to reveal hidden leaks, electrical issues or missing insulation.

At HelloPro Home Inspections, we’re using the latest technology to bring detailed thermal imaging inspections into focus. This technology helps us better determine where problem areas are located and how best to advise our clients. The report is user-friendly and your inspector will provide and explain standard digital images side by side with thermal images when issues are detected.  This gives clients an accurate point of reference for the thermal data, which is essential for mapping out improvements and repairs.

Whole House Thermal Imaging

For Whole House Thermal Imaging, the inspector will scan every wall, floor and ceiling. This gives your inspector a deeper look for small leaks inside walls, overheating electrical wiring or to locate areas of missing insulation inside walls or ceilings. There is a small charge of only $50 for Whole House Thermal Imaging.

Final Phase Inspection Near Greenville, SC
Thermal Imaging Inspection Near Greenville

Thermall Imaging for Every Electrical Panel

Every HelloPro inspection includes thermal imaging for the electrical panel to help us determine if there are any overheating / defective breakers.

Thermal imaging is also effective in helping your inspector locate hot spots in the home, including:

  • circuit breakers in need of immediate replacement.
  • overloaded and undersized circuits.
  • overheated electrical equipment / components; and
  • electrical faults before they cause a fire.

In terms of energy loss, thermal imaging can detect:

  • heat loss and air infiltration in walls, ceilings, floors, windows and doors;
  • damaged and/or malfunctioning radiant heating systems;
  • air-conditioner compressor leaks;
  • under-fastening and/or missing framing members, and other structural defects that can lead to energy loss; and
  • broken seals in double-paned windows.
Thermal Imaging Inspection Near Greenville
Thermal Imaging Inspection Near Greenville

Thermal Imaging can locate moisture intrusion:

  • plumbing leaks;
  • hidden roof leaks before they cause serious damage;
  • missing, damaged and/or wet insulation; and
  • water and moisture intrusion around penetrations and at the foundation and building envelope that could lead to structural damage and mold.

Additionally, based on the color gradients that thermal images provide, an inspector can locate:

  • possible pest infestation, as revealed by energy loss through shelter tubes left by boring wood-destroying insects;
  • the presence of intruders, such as rats, mice and other larger pests hiding within the structure and detected because of their heat signature that thermal imaing captures; and
  • dangerous flue leaks, which can lead to carbon monoxide poisoning of the home’s residents.
Thermal Imaging Inspection Near Greenville

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